Yoga-Next is a movement to take the education and practice of yoga to the Next Level!
Our movement is based on the premise that  yoga is  a science/art of self-realization. Yoga is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual (not necessarily religious) practices, built on a strong foundation of morals and disciplines.  Any one of these limbs of yoga by themselves offer many benefits to the practitioners. However, an integrated approach that combines multiple limbs of yoga offers the most benefits to a practitioner.  Modern yoga practice and education is concentrated around the physical practice of asanas (yoga postures). While asanas offer a number of health benefits, other limbs of yoga such as Pranayama (Breathwork), Dhyana (Meditation), Yamas (Morals), Niyamas (Disciplines), Mantra and Yoga Philosophy offer many more physical/mental/emotional benefits. The stress and challenges we face today have reached a point where just a physical practice isn’t enough. We need more healing tools for our overall well-being, hence the need for an integrated approach. Yoga-Next would like to contribute to the overall well-being of the community through this integrated approach.
Our Mission
  • To promote the comprehensiveness of yoga as a science/art of self realization
  • To develop and implement standards for yoga education
  • To maintain a registry of teachers who meet our standards
  • To promote conscious teaching and business practices
  • To be an advocate for the yoga community
Yoga-Next is a Non-Profit Public Benefit corporation, registered in California